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Apr 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> president obama tried his hand at stand-up comedy this weekend in front of hundreds of journalists and celebrities as well. >> it's the annual white house correspondents dinner. the president had the audience laughing. he told a lot of jokes, starting with one about himself and the changes he has undergone since taking office. >> these days i look in the mirror and i have to admit i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. i recognize that this job can take a toll on you. i understand second term you need a burst of new energy, try some new things. and my team and i talked about it. we were willing to try anything. so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. >> that is so horrifying. >> he looks like a totally different person. check this out. mr. obama also told the press he had plans to put a sign next to the new bush library, one that says, as you can see, his t.>>f >> he was good. >> the bangs. >> it's a good look. >> pretty good photo shop there. >> okay. so one more warning. we have some hot weather. >> thrice at least six
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1